Palette in shape of a fish - 909.34.9_1


Palette in shape of a fish

Geography: Undetermined site, Upper Egypt
Date: c. 3500-3000 BC
Period: Naqada II-III Period, Predynastic Period
11.4 x 9.39 cm
Object number: 909.34.9
Not on view

Greywacke palettes are among the most commonly found personal possessions in Predynastic graves. They were found in the graves of both men and women, frequently near the face. Palettes in the shape of animals come in during the Naqada II phase.  This palette seems to be a conventionally depicted tilapia fish and may have a connection with fertility. A small hole drilled through area of dorsal fin allows it to be hung. The tail is indicated by two notches cut in the stone.  The bottom area near the face has broken off.

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