Shabti of the Herdsman Paiw - ROM2019_17387_27


Shabti of the Herdsman Paiw

Medium:Limestone, carved and painted
Geography: Undetermined site, Egypt
Date: c. 1295-1069 BC
Period: 19th-20th Dynasty (Ramesside), New Kingdom
13.5 × 3.7 × 3 cm
Object number: 927.16.4
On view
Gallery Location:Galleries of Africa: Egypt

One of a group of four shabtis of the Herdsman Paiw which were given to the ROM by G. Hornblower. These small mummiform figurines were placed in his tomb in order to assist the deceased in the Afterworld with corvée labour, as detailed in Spell 6 of The Book of the Dead. These four shabtis are characterized by being made of stone, being cylindrical in shape, and having details painted in black. The presence of a kilt indicates that this shabti may have been an overseer, employed to keep the other shabtis in line.

The face is well carved with modelled eyes, nose, mouth, and chin.  The eyes and brows have been outlined in black. The lappet wig is painted black with a straight back and pointed front lappets. The chest area is uncarved and the hands and arms are indicated in an outline of black paint, right over left. It is unclear as to whether or not any implements were intended as each arm is outlined in black with an additional vertical line. The hands are fists.  The legs are indicated by vertical black lines.  The feet with five toes each are indicated in black paint. A single line of vertical text with the shabti formula is painted on the back of the figure. Possibly the black outlines may have been intended as guides for further carving that was never carried out (cf. ROM 927.17.3)

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