Basket - ROM2018_16363_49



Medium:Palm fibre
Geography: Egypt
Date: c. 1550-1295 BC
Period: 18th Dynasty, New Kingdom
6.6 x 13.8 x 9 cm
Object number: 907.7.7.A
On view
Gallery Location:Galleries of Africa: Egypt

Great numbers of baskets were woven in Ancient Egypt.  Chiefly used for storing food, they could also hold articles of clothing or other possessions.  Rich and poor alike needed and used baskets.

This palm fibre basket is still strong but does show signs of wear after over three thousand years.  The lid has slightly unravelled and was repaired with modern string.  The basket has a shelf, made of two coils of fibre, about half an inch below the lid that served as a support shelf for this lid. This basket is particularly plain, with no contrasting fibres or colours employed  to create a design.

When the basket arrived in the Museum, it contained fruit.  In 1945, the fruit was sent to the Botany Department of the University of Toronto for identification.  Apart from the small pomegranates and date stones, no identifications were made.

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