Furniture leg, lion head and foot - ROM2018_16218_65


Furniture leg, lion head and foot

Medium:Wood, gesso, paint
Geography: Egypt
Date: c. 30 BC-642 AD
Period: Roman Period
31.7 × 18.8 × 9.4 cm
Object number: 910.37.9.A
Credit Line: Gift of Mrs. H.D. Warren
On view
Gallery Location:Galleries of Africa: Egypt

This cheerful painted lion’s head was carved in the round, as one piece with one of the squared corner supports of a bed.  The lion’s slightly untidy mane and rough fur were painted in black and red on a white background.  Perhaps intentionally, the pattern resembles feathers, and might have associated this lion with the goddess Isis, who is frequently depicted winged, and can be shown as a maned lion. The legs are rather rudimentary, but the feet and toes are clearly distinguished with black paint suggesting the claws.

It's mate is 910.37.9A

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