Funerary cone of Montuemhat - 993x2.77_1


Funerary cone of Montuemhat

Medium:Unfired stamped clay
Geography: Theban Tomb (TT34), el-Assasif, Luxor, Egypt
Date: c. 716-656 BC
Period: 25th Dynasty (Kushite), 3rd Intermediate Period
8.2 × 14.3 cm
Object number: 993X2.77
Not on view

This funerary cone is made of Nile silt, hand-shaped with the impression of a seal on the wide end. The seal is stamped with four horizontal lines of hieroglyphic text identifying the owner as Montuemhat, a high ranking official in Thebes during the reign of the Nubian ruler Taharqa towards the end of Dynasty 25. The funerary cone would have served as decoration on the outside of Montuemhat's tomb located in the Assasif area of the Theban necropolis near Deir el-Bahri.

Although the first title that he lists is fourth prophet of Amun, Montuemhat is also listed as Overseer of Upper Egypt. Montuemhat seems to have succeeded his father Nesptah as Mayor of Thebes toward the end of the 25th Dynasty. He was likely the real ruler of the Theban area during the end of the 25th Dynasty when the Assyrians invaded Egypt as far south as Thebes. Montuemhat had sufficient resources to construct an impressive and large tomb and commission a number of very fine statues.

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