Brick mould - ROM2018_16322_56


Brick mould

Geography: Egypt
Date: c. 1900-1920 AD
Period: early 20th century AD
13 × 5 × 40 cm
Interior dimension: 9.9 × 22.4 cm
Object number: 909.80.568
On view
Gallery Location:Galleries of Africa: Egypt
DescriptionThe Ancient Egyptians probably began using brick moulds in Predynastic times as many enormous structures, such the Enclosure of Khasekhemwy at Abydos, were made of uniform bricks.  A few ancient examples have been found, but this early 20th century brick mould is very much like its ancient counterparts. The modern example, however, was made with the use of nails, instead of mortise and tenon construction.
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