Model jar - 907.18.694_1


Model jar

Medium:Wood, carved and uncoated
Geography: Excavated at Deir el-Bahri, Egypt
Date: c. 2055-2004 BC
Period: Reign of Mentuhotep II, 11th Dynasty, Middle Kingdom
8 × 4 cm
Object number: 907.18.694
Not on view
DescriptionPart of a wooden tomb model of a type popular in undecorated tombs during the First Intermediate Period and Middle Kingdom. Likely this was part of a scene from a brewery model with water being delivered by carriers with two vessels joined by a yoke. This wooden model of a slender jar has a rounded base, a vertical neck, and a slight rounded rim. The rim diameter is 2.5 cm.  A slot (.5 cm. wide) was cut across the top of the vessel for the insertion of a wooden hand. Then the ends of the slot were filled in with a wood filler (mud?), which has deteriorated leaving a horizontal hole through the vessel's neck. The remains of the wooden hand project 1.5 cm above the vessel rim. Thus the jar was probably carried on a yoke with the carrier's hand steadying the vessel. Vertical carving marks are visible on the uncoated surface of the vessel.
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