Shabti of Djed-hor - ROM2016_15061_20


Shabti of Djed-hor

Medium:Glazed composition (faience)
Geography: Excavated at Abydos, Egypt
Date: c. 332-270 BC
Period: Early Roman Period
11.8 x 3.5 cm
Object number: 910.23.42
Not on view
DescriptionMummiform shabti with faded vertical column of text down front naming the owner as Djed-hor. The tomb of Djed-hor (Abydos G50) was found undisturbed and was excavated by W.M. Flinders Petrie in 1902.  Two boxes of shabtis with almost 200 figures each were found in the sarcophagus chamber. Shabti figures were placed in a tomb so that the owner's spirit would not have to perform manual labour in the afterlife. This example is one of the larger type from the tomb with plump proportions and a wide, raised back pillar. It has the dark green-blue glaze which characterizes Djed-hor's shabtis. Moulded facial features include eyes, ears, nose and mouth. He wears a straight beard and a tripartite wig. A horizontal line on the back pillar defines the bottom of the back of the wig. The arms are crossed on the chest and the hands have pronounced thumbs and protrude through the shroud. The figure's right hand holds a hoe. His left hand holds a pick and cord which connects with the bag or basket with horizontal bands that hangs over left shoulder. (S.B. Shubert)
EgyptGreek World
Object History: Excavated by the Egypt Exploration Society, 1902
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