Whipping top - ROM2018_16218_93


Whipping top

Medium:Wood and stone
Geography: Egypt
Date: c. 2040-1650 B.C.
Period: Possibly Middle Kingdom
6.8 × 5.9 cm
Object number: 948.34.96
Credit Line: Gift of Sir Robert Mond
On view
Gallery Location:Galleries of Africa: Egypt
DescriptionWhipping tops are one of a number of different kinds of toys which were enjoyed by ancient Egyptian children. Like many surviving examples of Egyptian tops, this one was created from a single, cylindrical piece of wood, in this case likely acacia, which has been worked to a point at one end. The stone tip imbedded into the wood on this example is, however, not always found on these objects. This tip is probably made from carnelian and the body of whipping top is otherwise undecorated. This example is quite similar in overall form to many Middle Kingdom (c. 2040-1650 B.C.) wooden tops excavated at Lahun in the Fayum. The dating of this particular piece is uncertain, but, based on the strong similarities to many Middle Kingdom examples, it likely also dates from this period.
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