Jar - ROM2018_16224_80



Medium:Travertine (Egyptian alabaster)
Geography: Excavated at Armant, Egypt
Date: c. 2055-1650 BC
Period: 11th-13th Dynasty, Middle Kingdom
7 x 7.2 cm
Object number: 935.20.54
Credit Line: Gift Of Sir Robert Mond
On view
Gallery Location:Galleries of Africa: Egypt
DescriptionThis beaker was excavated at Armant, a city south of Thebes that was sacred to the hawk-headed war god, Montu.  During the Middle Kingdom, and again during the 18th Dynasty, the city was an important centre with extensive cemeteries.  Unfortunately, the  precise findspot of this artifact was not recorded, so that we do not know if it came from a private tomb or from the ruins of a temple.
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