Hair comb - 973.24.657_1


Hair comb

Geography: Excavated at Gebel Adda, Egypt (ancient Nubia)
Date: c. 1000-1500 AD
Period: Late Nubian Christian Period
5.5 × 3.9 × 0.5 cm
Object number: 973.24.657
Credit Line: Gift of the National Geographic Society
Not on view
DescriptionIntact, thin, wooden comb made of a light-coloured wood, possibly boxwood. In section it tapers to a point at both top and bottom with a maximum width in the centre of 5 mm. There are 29 thin teeth about 2.5 cm long with a wider panel at each end to protect the narrow teeth from damage.  Opposite the teeth, the handle is curved in the style of an Islamic arch with a point in the centre.  The surface is smooth with a bit of damage on the top of one side. This comb would easily fit in the palm of the hand, hence being very portable.  Although a surface find, this type of comb is characteristic of the medieval period in Egypt.
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