Jar shoulder fragment with petal decoration - 2010x2.7_1


Jar shoulder fragment with petal decoration

Medium:Ceramic (blue-painted earthenware)
Geography: Probably from Amarna, Egypt
Date: c. 1350-1085 BC
Period: Late 18th to 19th Dynasty, New Kingdom
Object number: 2010X2.7
Not on view

Sherd from shoulder of blue-painted jar with petal decoration. This type of decoration reflects the Egyptian practice of decorating vessels with garlands of flowers for festive occasion. The basic colour scheme uses blue, black and red over a cream slip. On this sherd two black horizontal bands circle the jar's neck with small red vertical lines connecting them every millimeter or so. Below this is a band of petals with large v-shaped blue coloured petals outlined in black every 5 mm and between them three scallop ended petals marked in black. Below this are blue buds or blossoms outlined in black. The blue paint was applied before the black outlines, so the blue does not stay within the black lines.

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