Puppet - ROM2004_946_6



Maker: Ibibio
Medium:Wood, cloth, iron
Geography: Cross River State, Nigeria
Date: c. 1950
Length 81.3 cm
Object number: 959.237.3
Credit Line: Gift of Mr. Samuel J. Zacks
Not on view
DescriptionAmong the Ibibio of South Eastern Nigeria, puppetry performances are an integral and much appreciated part of the public performances of the Ekong society. Traditionally these puppet shows were meant to reinforce community rules and values by educating the public about appropriate behaviors. This was done by emphasizing and ridiculing inappropriate and immoral behaviors and exposing to public judgment situations that were serious, yet clearly excessive. In more recent times, the moral function of puppetry performances has for the most part been replaced by a more lighthearted and entertaining puppetry spectacle.
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