Funerary brick of the Child of the Kap Paenamun - 993x2.66_1


Funerary brick of the Child of the Kap Paenamun

Medium:Unfired clay impressed with stamp seal
Geography: Undiscovered tomb, probably in western Thebes, Egypt
Date: c.1550-1069 BC
Period: Dynasties 18-20, New Kingdom Period
17.5 × 3.8 × 5.6 cm
Object number: 993X2.66
Not on view
DescriptionAlthough rectangular in shape, this funerary brick probably functioned as a funerary cone, decorating the façade of a tomb in the Theban necropolis during the New Kingdom.  The tomb itself has not been located and the deceased (Paenamun) only has the title “Child of the Kap” or royal nursery, which suggests that he died young.  His family would have been of elite status, as he was chosen to be raised in the palace alongside the royal children.  Ordinarily this would have been an excellent foundation for a high-ranking career in the royal administration. 
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