Shabti - 971.166.509_3



Medium:Glazed composition (faience)
Geography: Undetermined site, Egypt
Date: c. 380-30 BC
Period: 30th Dynasty, Late Period to Ptolemaic Period
5.67 x 1.7 cm
Object number: 971.166.509
Credit Line: Gift of the Toronto Diocesan Anglican Church Women
Not on view

Crudely moulded of  turquoise-blue faience, this small figure was meant to answer for its owner when called on to carry out corvée labor in the afterlife. It would have been made in an open mould and the sides and back are trimmed flat. It is mummiform in shape with a lappet wig, featureless face and a divine beard.  The fists seem to emerge from a shroud with some indication of moulded implements.  The surface is uneven. There is a large footpiece with squared off edges. The base is flat.

This indistinct and rather poorly made shabti figure was probably one of many shabti figurines made for an individual who does not seem to be named. These features suggest a late date, probably in the Ptolemaic Period.

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