Doll - ROM2003_695_8



Maker: Inland Tlingit
Medium:Furred squirrel and caribou hide, bones, cloth, beads, shell,
Geography: Teslin, Yukon
Date: c. 1971
38 cm
Object number: 971.65.A
Not on view
DescriptionDoll with regalia representing a girl reaching her puberty. The stone would have been placed on the young girl's lap to prevent her from being gossipy and talking too much. It was kept by her and passed on to her daughters when they reached puberty age. The stone is held by the hide belt when she is sitting. The beaded belt with fur tabs signifies that when the girl walks through the country, there will be plenty of game. The two bone pieces on the beaded necklace were used to remove facial hair (and to prevent baldness), as young girls were not allowed to touch their own hair during menses. The hollow bone on the beaded necklace was used as a straw to drink water. The beaded bracelets are to prevent foolishness and worn until adulthood, then placed in a safe place in a tree where they are to remain untouched. The cape-like fur hood was worn for 2 years. The blanket was for the girl to sit on. This information was supplied by the doll maker. Purchased from the Canadian Guild of Crafts, Montreal.
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