"Hunting Ducks," Northern Algonquian (Ojibwa) - ROM2005_5149_1


"Hunting Ducks," Northern Algonquian (Ojibwa)

Maker: Paul Kane (1810 Mallow, Ireland–1871 Toronto, Canada)
Medium:Oil on canvas
Geography: Lac des Mille Lacs, Ontario, Canada
Date: 1849-1856
43.1 x 71 cm
Object number: 912.1.22
Credit Line: Gift of Sir Edmund Osler
On view
Gallery Location:Daphne Cockwell Gallery dedicated to First Peoples art & culture
Description"This lake is filled with innumerable ducks, which the Indians entice in the following curious manner:—A young dog is trained by dragging a piece of meat attached to a string up and down the edge of the shore several times, and putting the dog on the scent, who follows it rapidly, wagging his tail. After the dog has followed it for some time, he is given the meat; this is done repeatedly until the dog will do so whenever he is ordered, and his motions attract the ducks swimming in the distance to within reach of the Indian, who lies concealed on the banks. The flock of ducks is so crowded and numerous, that I have known an Indian kill forty ducks by firing at them whilst in the water, and rapidly loading and firing again whilst the same flock was circling above his head." (Paul Kane, "Wanderings of an Artist," 1859:57)
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