Model totem pole - ROM2009_10800_9


Model totem pole

Maker: Kwakwaka'wakw
Medium:Carved and painted wood
Geography: Fort Rupert, British Columbia
Date: late 19th century
105.5 x 13.9 x 7.5 cm
Object number: 902.2.41.1
Not on view
DescriptionA large model pole with a vertical frieze of figures on a tapered plank back-board. At the bottom a shallow shelf and rectangular wooden plug would allow the pole to stand in the ground or in some sort of base. The back is flat and undecorated. The figures on the pole (top to bottom) are: bird, two fish (probably whales with small dorsal fins), bird, octopus or devil fish with eagle-like beak, killer-whale with seal on back (inverted human-like face is the whale's blowhole), upsidedown human figure with black moustache joined by the tongue to a dog-like animal which is probably a land otter, a wolf, a small standing figure with upraised arms. The figures interlock - the tale of the otter is in the mouth of the man, the wolf bites the head of the standing man at the base of the pole. Collected in 1901 by Reverend Dr. R.W. Large, Methodist missionary.
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