Feather Mantle - ROM2007_9054_10


Feather Mantle

Maker: Inca Culture
Medium:Feathers sewn onto cotton fabric
Geography: Central Andes
Date: 1470-1532 AD
Period: Late Horizon (1470-1532 AD)
152 x 90 cm
Object number: 934.34.2
Not on view
DescriptionFeather garments were worn in the Andes since at least the first millennium BC. Strings of feather were often used, that were then sewn on to a cotton backing to create the garment. Feathers from Amazonian birds were used more frequently by the mid-first millennium AD, and these garments were used as indicators of status. This example of a mantle may date to the time of the Inca Empire. The empire collected millions of feathers, and transported both strings of feathers and birds to the sierra where they were stored in warehouses. The completed garments were then used as gifts to elites living throughout the empire.
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