"Half Breeds Running Buffalo," Plains Métis - ROM2005_5147_1


"Half Breeds Running Buffalo," Plains Métis

Maker: Paul Kane (1810 Mallow, Ireland–1871 Toronto, Canada)
Medium:Oil on canvas
Geography: Pembina River region, Manitoba, Canada or North Dakota, USA
Date: 1849-1856
46.5 x 74.3 cm
Object number: 912.1.26
Credit Line: Gift of Sir Edmund Osler
Not on view
Description"We now put our horses to the full gallop, and in twenty minutes were in their midst. There could not have been less than four or five thousand in our immediate vicinity, all bulls, not a single cow amongst them." "The scene now became one of intense excitement; the huge bulls thundering over the plain in headlong confusion, whilst the fearless hunters rode recklessly in their midst, keeping up an incessant fire at but a few yards’ distance from their victims. Upon the fall of each buffalo, the successful hunter merely threw some article of his apparel—often carried by him solely for that purpose—to denote his own prey, and then rushed on to another. These marks are scarcely ever disputed, but should a doubt arise as to the ownership, the carcase is equally divided among the claimants." (Paul Kane, "Wanderings of an Artist," 1859:86)
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