Dance hat - ROM2009_10980_4


Dance hat

Maker: Possibly Daniel Houstie, Heiltsuk (Bella Bella)
Medium:Cedar bark, paint, wood
Geography: Probably Bella Bella, British Columbia
Date: late 19th century
17.5 x 42.5 cm
Object number: 906.2.5
Not on view
DescriptionA flat, oval, skull-like head is attached to the front of the crown. Shredded red cedar bark is wrapped around the back of the head, and lies on the hat's brim on either side of the face. A pattern of curved lines painted on the sides of the crown represents the ribs of the skull-headed creature. On the back of the crown is painted a round-eyed face with a large, toothy mouth. Four flat, wooden legs are attached to the brim of the hat at edges of the rib cage. Painted on the brim are two eyes at the front under the skull, a profile head with large eye and long toothy mouth at each side, and stripes that represent the tail of the animal at the back. Collected in 1901 by Reverend Dr. R.W. Large, Methodist missionary.
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