Shaman's kit - 961.163.10.A-H_1


Shaman's kit

Maker: Cora culture
Medium:Plant material, feathers, wood, rattlesnake rattle
Geography: Nayarit State, Mexico
Date: c. 1960
37.5 x 9 cm
Object number: 961.163.10.A
On view
Gallery Location:Shreyas and Mina Ajmera Gallery of Africa, the Americas and Asia-Pacific
DescriptionFeathered prayer arrows carried in a basket are the most important articles in a shaman’s travelling kit in the Huichol and Cora cultures. They are the points of contact between the supernatural and humans, and are used mainly for healing and divination. Arrows are decorated in accordance with their particular function. Those making contact with the spirit of fire are decorated with rattlesnake rattles, their sound evoking the roar and crackling of flames.
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