Pelt stretcher spreader - ROM2005_5417_1


Pelt stretcher spreader

Maker: Northern Ojibwa
Medium:Mink fur, wood, metal nails
Geography: Weagamow Lake, Ontario, Canada
Date: 1958-1959
Object number: 959.50.169.B
On view
Gallery Location:Daphne Cockwell Gallery dedicated to First Peoples art & culture
DescriptionMink was the most significant animal trapped during the 1958 – 1959 period and provided the trappers with more than one-quarter of the income from all furs. Trapped with steel traps, the greatest number are taken in November and December. Along with mink skins, ermine, marten, squirrel, and otter skins are dried on cased-skin stretchers. Stretchers range in length from 35 cm for ermine skins to more than 130 cm for otter skins.
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