"Winter Travelling," Indigenous and non-Indigenous ancestry with Euro-Canadian - ROM2009_11209_30


"Winter Travelling," Indigenous and non-Indigenous ancestry with Euro-Canadian

Maker: Paul Kane (1810 Mallow, Ireland–1871 Toronto, Canada)
Medium:Oil on canvas
Geography: Fort Edmonton to Fort Pitt, North Saskatchewan River, Canada
Date: 1849-1851
48.8 x 74.8 cm
Object number: 912.1.48
Credit Line: Gift of Sir Edmund Osler
Not on view
Description"On the 6th of January 1848, we had a wedding at Edmonton; the bride was the daughter of the gentleman in charge, the bridegroom Mr. Rowand, junior, who resided at Fort Pitt, a distance of 200 miles from the establishment. . . .Next morning I was awoke by the yelping of the dogs and the ringing of the bells on the dog-collars, accompanied by the shouts of the men thrashing the brutes into something like discipline, as they harnessed them to the sledges and carioles. . . . We had three carioles and six sledges, with four dogs to each, forming when on route a long and picturesque cavalcade: all the dogs gaudily decorated with saddle-cloths of various colours, fringed and embroidered in the most fantastic manner, with innumerable small bells and feathers, producing altogether a pleasing and enlivening effect." (Paul Kane, "Wanderings of an Artist," 1859:385–387)
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