Wedding basket - ROM2007_8976_1


Wedding basket

Maker: Navajo
Medium:Coiled plant material
Geography: Arizona or New Mexico, United States
Date: c. 1890
9.5 × 36.5 cm
Object number: HW445
On view
Gallery Location:Shreyas and Mina Ajmera Gallery of Africa, the Americas and Asia-Pacific
DescriptionWedding basket for ceremonial eating of cornmeal. A wedding is one of the few ceremonies in which specially made baskets are used. The Hopi and Navajo eat a ritual meal from wedding baskets during the marriage ceremony. The Navajo create shallow wedding bowls with symbolic patterns. The centre represents the beginning of life, with various forces of nature radiating outward. The break in the encircling design symbolizes the pathway or doorway from which the People emerge.
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