Flag sketch - ROM2016_15057_24


Flag sketch

Maker: Baba Issaka, Swedru Workshop
Geography: Cape Coast, Ghana
Date: c. 2000
Object number: 2014.59.22
Credit Line: This acquisition was made possible with the generous support of the Department of Museum Volunteers Acquisition and Research Fund
Not on view
DescriptionThis line drawing was made by master asafo flagmaker Baba Issaka as a sketch for the replication of an historical flag that the company agreed to sell and replace. It is not uncommon for Issaka to work on replicas of old flags for a variety of customers, both asafo companies and art dealers. In the early 2000s, he made this drawing of a whale and a ship to create a replacement for the flag currently in the ROM collection (2012.65.4). He used this template for the original replacement and for a number of flags produced for sale on the art market.
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