Sculptural vignette - 2015.12.23_1


Sculptural vignette

Maker: Idrissou Kouotou
Medium:Terracotta, pigment
Geography: Foumban, Cameroon
Date: 2013
11 x 9 x 15 cm
Object number: 2015.12.23
Credit Line: This acquisition was made possible with the generous support of the Louise Hawley Stone Charitable Trust
Not on view
DescriptionSculptural vignette representing three figures on a canoe contained in an hemispheric backdrop. This object was produced by Idrissou Kouotou in 2013. This is one of 12 scenes meant to represent the history of the settlement of the Bamum Kingdom in its present location by illustrating the life and deeds of the first monarch. Idrissou claims to be the inventor of this genre in clay as well as the first one to represent figures in the typical style with inflated cheeks. This style has now become a trademark of the Bamum clay production, identified as "Pigmies" on the market place. Idrissou claims to have started this production in the 1980s and that other producers have followed his examples, developing this genre in many different directions. Idrissou usually makes this series on commission. This piece and 2015.12.24 were the first he had started.  These were given as gifts to Silvia Forni with the intention of remaking them for the intended customer.
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