Dancing couple - 2015.12.2_1


Dancing couple

Maker: Unidentified artist
Medium:Wood, pigments
Geography: Foumban, Cameroon
Date: 2013
32 x 15 x 9 cm
Object number: 2015.12.2
Credit Line: This acquisition was made possible with the generous support of the Louise Hawley Stone Charitable Trust
Not on view
DescriptionSculpture of embracing couple carved in hybrid style inspired by stylistic traditions from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The work was described to be an invention of the Cameroonian artist who carved it. According to the interpretation of the seller, who worked in a patina workshop and had acquired the work from a carving workshop in a different part of town, this piece represents a dancing couple. It does not replicate any known model, but reflects contemporary production made for sale on the local and international art market. This piece is also illustrative of the chain of production of contemporary tradition-based artworks which move from workshop to workshop and are rarely identified with a specific maker. Their form reflects trends and inspirations that are often shaped by conversations with the dealers who are more keenly aware of the tastes and desires of customers. 
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