Classical figures holding argand lamps - ROM2007_9269_1


Classical figures holding argand lamps

Maker: Figures by Humphrey Hopper (English, 1767-1834)
Medium:Plaster figures, cast with gilded decoration; brass lamps; wood pedestals, carved with painted and gilded decoration gesso, painted and gilded decoration
Geography: London, England
Date: Figure made 1806; pedestal made c.1810-1830
100.5 x 38 x 33 cm
Object number: 971.146.17.A
On view
Gallery Location:Samuel European Galleries
DescriptionThe argand lamp was invented in 1783 by Swiss physicist Aimé Argand. Its circular wick was enclosed in a tube that drew air into the flame. This produced a brighter, steadier light than earlier oil lamps.
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