Camel saddle (tamzak) - 2012.62.15_1


Camel saddle (tamzak)

Maker: Unidentified Tuareg artist
Medium:Wood, leather, tin, brass ?, pigment
Geography: Gao, Mali
Date: 20th century
82 x 76 x 41 cm
Object number: 2012.62.15
Credit Line: This acquisition was made possible with the generous support of the Louise Hawley Stone Charitable Trust Fund
Not on view
DescriptionElaborately decorated wood and leather saddle (tamzak) used by men. Tamzak saddles are made of four components: the circular seat and the base are made of the softwood of the adarus tree, while the pommel and the backrest are made of  the hardwood of the afagag or aboragh tree. The wood is held together with strips of wet rawhide. The base, which is an inverted V-shape straddles the camels hump, it is constructed from a wooden frame with red dyed leather stretched over it. The leather is painted with black geometric designs and strips of copper are attached to the edges with nails. The cross-shaped pommel extends from the front of the seat and leans at an angle away from the rider.The pommel is highly decorated with light green and dark brown dyed leather, thin strips of textured galvanized iron, gold coloured-metal, and red cut-out designs.
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