Dao blade 玉刀 - ROM2015_14861_5


Dao blade 玉刀

Medium:Worked and polished jade
Geography: China
Date: 4th-3rd millennium BC
Period: Neolithic Period
35.6 x 5.2 x 0.7 cm
Object number: 927.19.269
Credit Line: Bishop William C. White Collection
Not on view
DescriptionMade on dark grey-green stone, this ceremonicla balde was carved in the shape of an elongated trapezoidal tablet. Conical perforation drilled from the other more mottled face only for hafting or suspension purpose and the hole is about 3" in the axile from butt. Slanting cutting edge at other end bevelled from one side only. Low polish left surface and butt-end pitting and one straight saw scar. 玉刀墨色,有斑纹。玉刀长方形扁平,一面刃,刃在短边,刀背平直。通体磨光,无纹。刀面上一侧有一小孔,一面钻成,另一侧边有切割的台痕。(Gu Fang)
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