Fu Axe 玉斧 - ROM2015_14835_5


Fu Axe 玉斧

Medium:Worked and polished jade
Geography: China
Date: 4th-3rd millennium BC
Period: Late Neolithic
13.8 x 8.5 cm, 0.5 cm
Object number: 921.21.252
Credit Line: The George Crofts Collection
Not on view
DescriptionThe jade appears in dark green with diagonal markings of brown and other shades of green. The axe exhibits flat and trapezoidal shape, and its upper edge straight with circular perforation, drilled from one side only, in centre of blade just below upper edge. The lower edge rounded, edged from both sided, with an antiquity damage on one corner and diagonal depression on one face . 玉质青色,微透明,有黑色、白色杂质。整体呈梯形,体薄,双面刃,刃部略斜出,端部一孔,一面钻成。通体磨光,无纹。一面有裂,刃部一角残。(Gu Fang)
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