Girl making a sketch of bamboo, while her companion watches - ROM2015_14592_1


Girl making a sketch of bamboo, while her companion watches

Medium:9-colour woodblock prints on paper
Geography: Japan
Date: 1769-1770
Period: Edo period
Chuban 27.6 x 20.0 cm
Object number: 926.18.98
Credit Line: Sir Edmund Walker Collection
Not on view
DescriptionOne young woman is painting bamboo and another watches her. The woman watching is wearing an obi tied in the front, suggesting that both young women may be prostitutes. Next to the woman painting is a table with writings utensils on it. There is a hanging scroll in the alcove in the back, where flowers are displayed in a vase placed on a black lacquered stand. The two female figures in the present work do not look very different from the figures in the print for the poem by Saigyō (Cat. 47). The poem in the cloud-like shape at the top is by Minamoto no Toshiyori (1057–1129) and is taken from the Zoku Kokin waka shū. It reads: Kuretake no As dense as the nodes ukifushi shigeku of Kure bamboo is the narinikeri pain and grief I bear sanomi wa ni mo to even though I had realised omoishi mono wo it would hurt as much as this. (trans. Waterhouse 1975, 144) The print is signed Suzuki Harunobu. The signature on the hanging scroll is 夫目山人写, and Waterhouse suggests that the first two characters may be the "Haru" (春) of "Harunobu" deconstructed. References: Waterhouse 1975 (pl. 90), 2013
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