Thangka painting of Mahakala - ROM2005_1593_24


Thangka painting of Mahakala

Medium:Gouache on cloth
Geography: Tibet
Date: 14th - 15th century AD
Ht. 181 x 165.5 cm
Object number: 921.1.216
Credit Line: The George Crofts Collection
Not on view
DescriptionPictured here is one of the paintings depicting the Wrathful Protector Legden, surrounded by a mandala of nearly one hundred other figures. He stands in a cloud of smoke, with his hair and beard made of flames. Around him, a rare mandala of assembled lamas (teachers), Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and other fierce protectors completes the picture. In one hand Legden carries a cup made out of a human skull, while in the other, he holds a flaying knife to represent his ability to cut away ignorance. In spite of this frightful imagery, Legden represents the fierce compassion required in meditation for practitioners to reach enlightenment.
South Asia
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