Figure of female Shinto deity - ROM2006_7112_11


Figure of female Shinto deity

Medium:Carved wood
Geography: Japan
Date: 12th - 13th century AD
Period: Heian-Kamakura periods
97.3 x 25 x 13 cm
Object number: 957.228
Credit Line: Purchased with the generous support of a Grant from the Government of Ontario
On view
Gallery Location:Prince Takamado Gallery of Japan
DescriptionShintô, the religion indigenous to Japan, emphasizes the worship of nature in natural phenomena such as waterfalls, mountains, trees, and rocks. Traditionally, artists did not depict deities of the natural world. By the early ninth century, however, the influence of Buddhist sacred sculpture inspired the production of Shintô sculpture of gods or spirits in human form. While Buddhist icons were openly displayed, Shintô figures were often hidden deep inside a shrine or portable cabinet. In contrast to the more detailed and refined icons of Buddhism, Shintô figures generally remained simple in form and decoration.
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