Yutô (ewer) with lid, of Negoro-type ware - ROM2005_3737_1


Yutô (ewer) with lid, of Negoro-type ware

Medium:Wood, carved and lacquered
Geography: Japan
Date: 1580-1600 AD
Period: Momoyama period
37.5 x 17 x 32.3 cm
Object number: 971.395.A
On view
Gallery Location:Prince Takamado Gallery of Japan
DescriptionNegoro-type wares originate from the Negoro-ji temple in today's Wakayama prefecture. Negoro ware is made using layers of red and black lacquer and its popularity lies in the effect achieved as the surface lacquer is worn away in irregular patches to reveal the other colour beneath. The shape of Negoro ware, as with this ewer, often followed Chinese prototypes.
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