Screen set 龙纹玉带板 - ROM2015_14862_10


Screen set 龙纹玉带板

Medium:Carved wood; carved and polished jade
Geography: China
Date: 1368-1644 AD
Period: Ming Dynasty
26 x 36.1 cm
Object number: 923.17.205.A-C
Credit Line: The George Crofts Collection
Not on view
DescriptionThe screen set of jade tablets were used for court documents. Three dark brown rosewood panels are fashioned with tenons on central panel and two slots each in side panels for joining with a result of that side panels stand at oblique angles to central panel. While reverse plain, the obverse is carved in relief with dragons, clouds, and other auspicious symbols; carved aprons between legs; rimmed depressions for five white nephrite insets. Jades on side panel plaques are rectangular with slightly arched tops. On center screen, the centre one has roughly square plaque with smaller rectangular pair set horizontally above and below. Jades are all carved in two-layer openwork with highly polished main décor of dragon, flower, fish, bird and swastikas against lower openwork background of small cloud curls. Main flat relief forms have a deeper and more finely etched and hatched surface decoration and detail. 铊尾2件,排方2件,方銙1件,嵌于木插屏中。 龙纹玉带是明代朝廷的典章用玉。玉质白色,半透明。整体长方形,透雕花、鸟、鱼、龙纹,主纹、底纹分明。龙头在上,身体盘曲矫健。通体打磨光润。
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