Thangka painting of Hayagriva - ROM2005_1593_38


Thangka painting of Hayagriva

Medium:Cotton cloth, pigment
Geography: Tibet
Date: 15th century AD
Ht. 205 x 159 cm
Object number: 921.1.1
Credit Line: The George Crofts Collection
Not on view
DescriptionThis large Thangka painting shows the two armed meditational deity Hayagriva, identified by the small horse's head that emerges from his hair. He holds a sword aloft in a gesture of dispelling ignorance and stands in a dynamic wrathful posture. This beautiful painting bears many stylistic markers of early Nepalese painting as practiced in Tibet, like the elaborate ornamental designs and scrolling vine patterns that fill every space. Along the top of the painting a lineage of Tibetan Kagyu teachers is shown, and related wrathful protectors appear in a row below the central figure.
South Asia
Browse Categories:Sacred & Ceremonial
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