Two lovers playing a shamisen - ROM2015_14591_2


Two lovers playing a shamisen

Medium:6-colour block-prints on paper
Geography: Japan
Date: 1768 - 1769
Period: Edo period
Chuban 25.4 x 19.2
Object number: 926.18.120
Credit Line: Sir Edmund Walker Collection
Not on view
DescriptionTwo lovers sit together on a bamboo bench, playing a single shamisen. Irises bloom in the water behind them. They have each let one sandal drop and the woman’s robe has a design of knotted love letters. This is a mitate-e of the Tang emperor Xuanzong (685–762) and his favourite concubine Yang Guifei playing a single flute together, a popular motif among woodblock print artists, among others, and treated several times by Harunobu.
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