Two lovers: a wakashu and a young woman kiss - ROM2015_14588_7


Two lovers: a wakashu and a young woman kiss

Medium:7-colour woodblock prints on paper
Geography: Japan
Date: 1768-1770
Period: Edo period
Yokoe 18.5 x 25.7 cm
Object number: 926.18.114
Credit Line: Sir Edmund Walker Collection
Not on view
DescriptionThe print is the opening scene of an erotic album Eight Fashionable Parlour Views, ultimately based on the theme of “Eight Views of Ōmi”. A young woman is playing the koto, a Japanese stringed musical instrument, while kissing a young man who is trying to loosen her obi sash to undress her. In this print, the shaved part of the wakashu’s hairstyle is not visible. A dog sits beside them, turning its face to the viewer’s right, perhaps suggesting that someone is approaching. Behind the couple is a screen painting executed in the Chinese literati style, and a maple tree outside can be seen through a window. In the poetic canon, geese are associated with autumn. Though unsigned, this image is almost certainly by Harunobu.
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