Figure with hands clasped together - ROM2008_10402_19


Figure with hands clasped together

Medium:Modelled earthenware
Geography: Indus Valley, Pakistan
Date: circa 2500 – 1900 BC
Period: Indus Valley Civilization, Mature Harappan Phase
7.5 x 3.8 x 5 cm
Object number: 939.18.8
Not on view
DescriptionSmall figurines such as these are the most numerous of the material remains from the Indus Valley Civilization. They are often identified as toys, but their exact function remains unknown. They range in size from slightly larger than a human thumb to almost 30 cm in height. The anthropomorphic and animal terracotta figurines from Harappa and other Indus Valley Civilization sites are a rich reflection of life in the Bronze Age.
South Asia
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