Painted askos - ROM2010_11491_3


Painted askos

Medium:Earthenware, slip-painted
Geography: Canosa, Apulia, Italy
Date: c. 300-267 BC
Period: Canosan Italic
17.1 x 18.8 cm
Object number: 919.5.207
Credit Line: Sigmund Samuel Collection
On view
Gallery Location:Eaton Gallery of Rome: Italic cultures, pottery

Late Canosan Pottery 400-275 BC

  • Late Canosan pottery represent the last phase on Daunian ceramic production.

  • Beginning in the late 4th century BC, new shapes were introduced and the painted decoration, now in a variety of colours, covered much of the pot’s surface.

  • Production was centred in the town of Canosa, where most of these vases were found in tombs, likely playing a role in funeral rites.

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