Cong tube 玉琮 - ROM2005_3420_1


Cong tube 玉琮

Medium:Worked and polished jade
Geography: China
Date: 19th century
Period: 19th Century
Height 30.7 cm; Width 6.7 cm, Diameter 6 – 6.7 cm
Object number: 928.12.44
Credit Line: Bishop William C. White Collection
On view
Gallery Location:Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Gallery of China
DescriptionThe Liangzhu culture was a socially stratified and complex society located in the lower valley region of the Yangtze River. Liangzhu artisans were prolific producers of exquisitely worked jades symbolizing prestige, status and wealth. Ritual jades like this cong exemplify both the advanced skill and the religious symbolism of the Liangzhu people.
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