Figure of Isis-Aphrodite - ROM2010_11496_67


Figure of Isis-Aphrodite

Medium:Mould-made earthenware (terracotta) with white slip and traces of orange-pink paint
Geography: Found in al-Fayyūm, Egypt
Date: c. 31-1 BC
Period: End of Ptolemaic period, beginning of Roman Imperial period
54.5 x 14.4 cm
Object number: 910.176.126
On view
Gallery Location:Eaton Gallery of Rome: Roman Egypt

Greek Gods in Roman Egypt

Ptolemaic rule and the influx of Greeks fostered the growth of Greek gods in Egypt. By the Roman period, the Olympian gods were firmly established there. The ready identification of certain Greek and Egyptian deities (for example, Aphrodite and Demeter with Isis, and Eros with Harpocrates/Horus) facilitated their acceptance. Greek gods were never "Egyptianized": they were always represented in their true Classical guise.

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