Fragment of shield boss or umbo - 924.60.6_3


Fragment of shield boss or umbo

Medium:Forged iron or steel
Geography: Alfriston Anglo-Saxon cemetery site, Sussex, United Kingdom
Date: 5th-6th century AD
Period: Pagan Anglo-Saxon
3.8 cm
Object number: 924.60.6
Not on view
DescriptionWas found in Grave 59 at Alfriston along with 924.60.8 (shield boss) and 924.60.9 (fragment of a shield handle)
Object History: In the Summer of 1912 a Pagan Anglo-Saxon cemetery was discovered at Winton Street on the downs just North of Alfriston during construction of a house, presently called "The Sanctuary," Alfriston (Grid Reference TQ 51686 03743). The then freeholder, Viscount Gage, and a Miss Gregory for whom the house was being built, gave permission for the Sussex Archaeological Society to excavate the site. This would have been the 16-year-old 6th Viscount Gage, Henry Rainauld Gage, as the 5th Viscount, Henry Charles Gage, died on April 18th of 1912 (Viscount Gage is listed as a member of the Sussex Archaeological Society in their journal for those years). The Society excavated within the grounds of "The Sanctuary" in the Autumn of 1912 (graves 1-75), with further excavations outside of the grounds in the Autumn of 1913 (graves 77-108). The finds were published in the Society's journal and also exhibited in Barbican House Museum Lewes, where most of the finds still reside. However, some of the finds from the first season (from graves 26, 55, 59 and unknown contexts, possibly found by the builders) seem to have been retained by the 6th Viscount Gage, who donated a total of ten objects from the site to the ROM in 1924.
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