Pair of hoop earrings with lion-head terminals - ROM2018_16192_16


Pair of hoop earrings with lion-head terminals

Asia, Cyprus
Asia, Cyprus
Date: about 4th-3rd century BC
Period: Hellenistic (Cyprus) periods I-II
1.5 cm
Object number: 965.234.8.A
Credit Line: Gift of the Dowager Lady Loch
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Gallery Location:Gallery of Greece

The heads of the lions were formed from one piece of sheet gold, worked in a mold. Eyes are pierced for possible inlays. Lion's facial details and mane finey crafted. The collar was constructed from a sheet gold with a lower border ending in a cut zigzag tongue pattern outline with fine beaded wire. The upper collar, bordered with a raised ridge, is decorated with fine filigree spirals. The hoop, formed from three plain wires twisted around each other with their ends hammered into a single point, is inserted into a hole in the lions' mouths.   

Lion headed earrings are one of the most common forms of animal's head earrings, which were the most popular class of ear adornment during the Late Classical and earlier Hellenistic periods.

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