Figure of devotee - ROM2005_3315_1


Figure of devotee

Medium:Carved, painted and gilded wood
Geography: Reportedly from Xinjiang Xian, Shanxi province, China
Date: 1271-1368 AD
Period: Yuan Dynasty
118.11 x 91.4 cm
Object number: 922.4.129
Credit Line: The George Crofts Collection
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DescriptionThe plectrum in his right hand identifies this sculpture as Chiguo Tianwang (Sanskrit: Dhrtarashtra), one of the Guardian Kings of the Four Directions. In his left hand, he would have held a lute, although it could only have been a symbolic, miniature one. The awkward proportion and lesser quality of the gilding of the left leg indicates that it is a later replacement. Originally, the left leg would have dangled down.
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