Ostrakon with tax receipt - ROM2006_7111_7


Ostrakon with tax receipt

Medium:Earthenware vessel fragment with text in Greek
Geography: Thebes, Egypt
Date: 107 AD
Period: Reign of Trajan, Roman Imperial Period
10.9 x 7.6 cm
Object number: 906.8.132
Not on view
DescriptionThis ostrakon, or document written on a ceramic sherd, carries a text written in Greek, and is a receipt for taxes . It reads: "Apollonios and his colleagues, collectors of money taxes of the metropolis, to Pachomneus son of Psenchnoumis son of Petechesthos. We have received for dyke tax in Charax ten (drachmae), for poll tax eight (drachmae). Tenth year of Trajanus, Phamenoth 30-21." Signed, "Haruotes." Also, "on Pauni 30 - 23 for poll tax in Seb .. (?) four (drachmae)." Signed, "Haruotes."
Roman WorldEgypt
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