Entelodont - ROM2004_1286_1



Geography: Canada, Saskatchewan: East side of Calf Creek, near Eastend
Date: Collected and acquired in 1967
length=43; width=33; height=23 cm
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    • Taxonomy
    • Kingdom: Animalia
    • Phylum: Chordata
    • Class: Mammalia
    • Order: Artiodactyla
    • Family: Entelodontidae
    • Genus: Archaeotherium
    • SpecificEpithet: coarctatum
Object number: 11628
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DescriptionEntelodonts were large omnivorous mammals that possessed peculiar cranial protrusions, such as a flange on the side of the head and bumps underneath the jaw. They are distantly related to living pigs. This entelodont skull from southern Saskatchewan is unusually well-preserved.
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