Ostrakon with tax receipt - ROM2006_7111_6


Ostrakon with tax receipt

Medium:Earthenware vessel fragment with text in Greek
Geography: Thebes, Egypt
Date: 148 - 150 AD
Period: Reign of Antoninus Pius, Roman Imperial Period
5 x 9.7 cm
Object number: 906.8.300
Not on view
DescriptionThis ostrakon, or document written on a ceramic sherd, carries a text written in Greek, and is a receipt for taxes. It reads: "Psenamounis and associates, collectors of money taxes for Agorai, to Asklas 3rd son of Herieus grandson of Pha( ), we have received for .. of the -th year, drachmas four, that is, dr.4 .."
Roman WorldEgypt
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